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Netgem Platform Overview

The N7700 series Netbox is the latest powerful hybrid hardware platform from Netgem
netbox N7700

It brings to market a great cost efficient and evolutive TV solution for broadband operators.

It is equipped with the latest cost optimized SoC and allows 3D user interface and video gaming. The set-top box includes a single tuner, a UPnP media center, and multiple broadcast reception possibilities.

The N7700 allows operator to decide to deploy in a first step with over the top services, then enrich its offer with broadcast content, or the other way around.

The N7700 answers to operators' needs by:

  1. Offering a cost optimized hybrid product
  2. Providing network flexibility with options such as payTV, PVR ready or local flash storage
  3. Offering killer features such as MediaCenter, Application store, and dedicated web TV services

Special Features:

  • Over-the-Top services
    • Adaptive streaming technologies
    • Access to an application store
    • Possibility to record locally on flash
  • IPTV or Hybrid reception
    • Terrestrial DVB-T; DVB-T2, ISDB-Tb, ATSC
    • Cable DVB-C
    • Internet (Ethernet 100BaseT, Wi-Fi n)
  • Media center
    • UPnP compatible
    • Access to any USB device or computer
    • PVR ready via USB connectivity
N5000 series: Internet TV Adaptor - No tuner

netbox N5000

The N5000 series Netbox is designed to offer the best value for money to service operators.

As a Basic or Hybrid IPTV client, it is easy to integrate and very cost effective;  as an Over The Top (OTT) STB, it enables operators to reach outside their traditional footprint using progressive download and adaptive streaming technologies; as a secondary box, it opens access to remote PVR content.

The N5000 answers to operators' needs by:

  1. Extending the reach without network upgrades
  2. Deploying a secondary low cost STB with an advanced User Interface
  3. Proposing an economically scalable product

Special Features:

  • Web TV
    • Record locally on Flash  2/4/8 GB
    • Adaptive streaming technologies
    • Access to Over The Top services
  • High definition
    • User Interface in 720p
    • HDMI interface output
netbox N5000

N5200 series:  Internet adapter - Single tuner

netbox N5000

The Netbox N5200 series is a complementary version of the N5000 internet adapter series.

It offers the same capabilities but add new features such as receiving broadcast TV through a single tuner. For the operators, it is the solution to lower their OPEX by first deploying a broadcast solution and enrich it later with internet TV contents without changing the equipment at the end-user side.

The N5200 adds the following features:

Broadcast Reception

  •  Terrestrial DVB-T; DVB-T2, ISDB-Tb, ATSC
  •  Cable DVB-C
  •  Internet (Ethernet 100BaseT, Wi-Fi 802.11n)
netbox N5000
Hybrid Set Top Box and Media Center: N8000 series
netbox N8000

The N8000 Series Netbox is delivered with Netgem award winning IPTV middleware- Netgem TV. The STB comprises a double tuner, Hard Disk Drive, UPnP Media Center HD and Home Network connectivity such as Wi-Fi 802.11n.

The N8000 Series enriches the broadcast TV experience with the power of the internet, blending seamlessly content and services from broadcast channels, IPTV platforms, Web sites and home network devices in a fast and fluid interface.

The N8200 answers operators' needs by:

  1. Integrate diverse sources of content within a single STB
  2. Enrich the product offering  and lower the attrition rate
  3. Provide extra services without increasing CAPEX

    Special Features:
  • Hybrid reception
    • Terrestrial DVB-T2, ATSC, DVB-[T+C]
    • Cable DVB-C
    • Internet (Ethernet 100BaseT, Wi-Fi 802.11n)
  • Media Center
    • UPnP compatible
    • Access to any USB device or computer
    • Full codec compatibility
  • Digital video recording
    • Timeshift, pause live TV and rewind
    • Video Thumbnails for easy search
    • Instant & schedule recording
netbox N8000