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Taking into account tablets, PCs, smartphones and flat  screen TVs, the average number of screens per household has dramatically increased. This growth yields greater content consumption, but also higher consumer frustration due to the usage complexity and lack of consistency across devices. 

Netgem solves these issues and meets expectations for a secure, cost-effective and well performing multi-screen solution by using an Innovative Architecture, built around the nCloud concepts.

The nCloud is a client-centric software platform complementary to the cloud computing, and focused into the home network. 
With nCloud, the Set-top box is transformed into a multimedia server connecting devices into clients. 

It is now possible to watch at any time, any content, LiveTV, OnDemand or Personal content on any multimedia devices. This hybrid solution leverages the power of the cloud while giving the end-user full control over his/her content through local storage and management.

Examples of nCloud applications include:

  • Live TV on iPad, transforming the iPad into a wireless connected TV. With this application, all TV channels are available through a single and simple interface allowing users to ‘flip’ through channels as pages of a book, to browse through EPG, set recordings and interact with social networks;
  • Advanced remote controls on SmartPhones transforming phones into real companion devices and allowing users to browse through the VOD catalog, through the EPG and through recorded content;
  • Multi-room Live and PVR on Connected TVs, allowing users to enjoy their premium and recorded content from another TV without the need for a secondary STB;
  • Media Center managing PC-stored multimedia content. With this application, users will be able to play music and show pictures stored on PCs, USB storage, Tablets and Phones;

Netgem nCloud software platform and hardware products integrate a wide range of technologies and solutions from digital payTV, internet, home networking and computing domains and provide advanced TV solutions for telecom operatorscable operators and payTV operators responding to the needs of their end-users for a simple, fast and immersive TV experience.