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Netgem enables operators to provide connected entertainment

About Netgem

Netgem provides Connected Home Entertainment Solutions to Multiservice Operators to help them strengthen their end-customer relationship and drive revenue growth. Based upon Netgem’s hardware and software technologies, operators are able to develop innovative convergent services and a unique broadcast TV experience, enriched by the power of Internet.
Netgem ranked Number 1 in IPTV STB in Europe in 2010 according to Screen Digest and Number 3 worldwide for its IPTV middleware according to MRG Inc in 2011. Located in Neuilly-sur-Seine in France, we employ about 70 persons around the world dedicated to achieve the best performing and most user-friendly IPTV software and set-top boxes.

About our strategy

Christophe Aulnette "At Netgem, since our creation in 1996, we have always believed in the power of digital convergence to transform and enrich the TV experience. We provide our Connected Home solutions and technologies to operators. Thanks to our software, middleware and set-top boxes, their customers have access to what they really want: their favourite live TV shows, their personal content, their Video on demand services, etc. anywhere, anytime and with any connected device within the home.

Our strategy is to take the new content consumption trends into account and propose to operators and Internet Service Providers the best technologies and services that magnify the end-user experience, while controlling their costs and increasing their ARPU.
In a very challenging environment, with the multiplication of connected devices, our solution is to open to multi-contents and multi-screens by making the set-top box evolves to a Media Server. This is what we call: the nCloud.

Our 70 employees, engineers, developers, client managers are fully committed to enable a fully immersive Connected Home experience."


Christophe Aulnette, CEO of Netgem