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NEWS - London, United Kingdom – July 8th 2015 Netflix released on the Netgem Platform Netflix added to Netgem’s TV Platform, service is now live in the Nordics and Latin America

TV Experience


We start with viewer’s experience and pain points and we develop TV solutions and technology to address them, not the other way round.

That’s how we developed a set of unique ground-breaking features.

Smart "Restart" Function

We understand that viewers don't like it when they tune in to a programme late and have to wait for the programme to become available on catch-up.

With Restart, viewers can simply start the programme from the beginning even they tuned in 5 minutes from the end - no stress!

Brilliant UI

We found that people get frustrated with having to learn to use a multitude of different apps to watch their favourite programmes

So we created a simple and consistent User Interface, so viewers get a consistent user experience that works across TV’s, mobiles and tablets

True Multi-Screen Experience

We discovered within a family or household there was often arguments over what to watch and record

So we developed a unique multi-screen experience: everyone can now watch live and even recorded programmes on the main TV and 3 additional mobile devices

OTT-Friendly On Demand Hub

We know people want to watch premium content, but don’t want to be tied into contracts that include lots of channels that they will never watch

Now viewers can pay for just the content that they want all on our super flexible HTML5 platform, designed for Over The Top partners

Unique "Replay" Feature

Viewers told us over and over that they spend too much time looking for great stuff to watch rather than actually watching it

Now with the unique Replay feature viewers can watch on-demand the last 24 hours from their favourite channels, and even save them to their recordings

This is our vision: removing pain points in viewers’ TV experience. It's a vision with a successful track record.

In just 9 months we developed EE TV, the TV solution for the biggest mobile operator in the UK.


Smart Things for the Connected Home™

The Netbox division of Netgem group is an expert team in hardware sourcing and supply chain services.

Operating on a very lean cost structure, NetBox will leverage Netgem Group global partnerships and processes to offer customers very attractive prices, without the investment and risks associated with unproven industrial partnerships.

Cloud-based Multi-Screen Video Entertainment Solution

Looking to enhance your existing TV solution or to create a new TV experience? Netgem TV platform is a Cloud-based Multi-Screen Video Entertainment Solution developed, hosted and managed by Netgem, leveraging Microsoft Azure.

Netgem TV platform

Key Features

Multi-screen User eXperience

Content driven Interface

Live TV, Timeshifting & Start-over

Recording & Catch-up TV

On demand



Managed multi-screen VOD service

Based on the 20 years of experience of the leading videofutur platform in France, Netgem can bring to market:

Managed Services


We work with the best mobile operators around the globe to deliver the only TV personal viewing experience.

Our approach guarantees the innovation engine constantly runs, ensuring our customers stay ahead of the curve, even after they’ve launched.

Hybrid DTT/OTT
Set Top Box

With our state of the art hybrid set top box you can offer viewers the widest entertainment experience interlacing IP and traditional channels in one seemless and consistent user interface


We believe HTML5 is the right industry standard for OTT TV, now and for the future. Not only does it support audio and video with cleaner code but its ability to work across multiple browsers and particular applicability to mobile platforms make it the winner

Netgem TV
(Network PVR)

Whether you want to enhance your existing TV solution or to create a new TV experience our Netgem TV platform is the way forward because the innovative features and functionality are all delivered from the cloud, leveraging our partnership with Microsoft Azure

VOD & EST Platform

We offer and operate for operators a cloud-based VOD platform with more than 10,000 movies and TV series from across the globe giving viewers a seemless on-demand multi-screen experience

Simple & Fast UI

We’ve developed a simple and fast User Interface giving viewers the same consistent experience whatever device they use so that they are familiar with all the features and can really make the most of them

DMS Profiles & Device Management

Our advanced DMS and Profile management tool gives you the ability to introduce innovation and launch new features to your customers quickly and methodically with limited risk, always controlling the pace of your rollout

MetaData & Search

MetaData creates links between 3rd parties and the TV programmes viewers watch, while the Search facility operates across linear TV, catch-up TV, and On-Demand Partners, giving viewers a much richer experience and relevant content

(Audience Management)

You can get to understand your customers much betterwith our AMS (Audience Management) tools and get insight into the most watched, most recorded, most replayed content across programmes and On-demand apps, as well as remote access for your Customer Service teams

Our Clients

Over 20 of the best service operators worldwide have deployed Netgem products


start-up mindset, Telco grade experience

Created in 1996 by Joseph Haddad, Netgem Group is a provider of solutions and services for the next generation video entertainment market. Based upon Netgem's hardware (NetBox) and software technologies (Netgem TV), we help operators strengthen their end-customer relationship and drive revenue growth.
Netgem is present in Europe, Asia and South America with over 4 million active households worldwide.


Creation by Joseph Haddad
IPO : NYSE Euronext



Official IPTV leader
International expansion



Netgem’s rank as n°1 European IPTV set-top boxes provider
Netgem launches its nCloud software solution to connect all screens within the home.



Merger with videofutur
Opening of the
London office



Creation by Joseph Haddad


IPO : NYSE Euronext


Becoming IPTV leader


International expansion


Netgem’s rank as n°1 European IPTV set-top boxes provider


Netgem launches its nCloud software solution to connect all screens within the home.


Merger with videofutur


Opening the London office

Joseph Haddad

Chairman and CEO

Christophe Aulnette

President Netgem International

Charles-Henri Dutray

CFO and Deputy General Manager


Deputy CEO

Sylvain Thevenot

Managing Director Netgem TV PVX

Jean-François Galtier

Deputy General Manager

Romain Waller

Managing Director NetBox


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